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To download PDF versions of all the important documents that relate to Bonded Wines & Spirits Insurance, including the Full Policy Wording, click the link or scroll to the bottom of this page.

We have a handy Wine2insure user guide available in PDF Format. Helpful advice covering; applying for an online quote, making payment using the Worldpay portal, changing card details, policy amendments and cancellation. is configured to issue a separate quote (& policy) for each bonded warehouse facility. If you require insurance for more than one facility, you may request further quotes by re-visiting this page.
If you would prefer to talk to one of our friendly advisors about your insurance needs, please give us a call on 01306 740555, during normal office hours.
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Refund Policy

If you buy this policy in error and you contact us within 14 days of the purchase date you will be entitled to a full refund, unless you have made a claim. If you cancel the policy after this time we are not able to offer you a refund as the duration of the policy is only 1 (one) calendar month. For further details please read our Terms of Business below.

Terms of Business

Connoisseur Policies Limited

Connoisseur Policies Limited is registered in the UK as a company (03174402) with its registered office at 4 Guildford Road, Westcott, Dorking, Surrey, RH4 3NR.

Connoisseur Policies Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Anthony Wakefield and Company Limited (01756254) registered at the same address
Anthony Wakefield & Co Limited.
South House, South Street, Dorking, Surrey. RH4 2JZ
Tel: 01306 740555  Fax: 01306 740770
Connoisseur Policies Limited is an appointed representative of Anthony Wakefield and Company Limited; authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority through Anthony Wakefield & Company Limited (307545) and listed on the FCA register under 406715.

A guide to your Insurance, our Responsibilities and for completing a Proposal Form

When you propose for Insurance and you find the premium and conditions acceptable, we shall normally be able to start the Insurance when you have completed the website application.

Commercial customers only; If your Insurance is arranged wholly or mainly for purposes related to your trade, business or profession, you have a duty to disclose all material facts, whether or not the insurer asks for specific information. This duty applies throughout the life of your policy and when you renew your Insurance.  Material facts are any facts that may influence the Insurer’s decision to accept the policy and/or what terms are applied. Failure to disclose a material fact may invalidate your Insurance and could mean that your claim will not be paid. Under the Insurance Act 2015, you need to undertake a ‘reasonable search’, before answering questions and the presentation of your risk needs to be ‘clear and accessible’; so called ‘data dumping’ without clear signposting is not acceptable. The presentation does need to be made by a ‘responsible’ person.

Consumers only; You must take reasonable care not to make a  misrepresentation to the Insurer. This means that all the answers you give and statements you make as part of your Insurance application, including at renewal and when an amendment to your policy is required, should be honest and accurate. If you deliberately or carelessly misinform the Insurers, this could mean that part or all of a claim may not be paid. The Consumers Insurance Act 2012 applies to you

You may feel that you need help with some aspects of your Proposal Form. Connoisseur Underwriting does not provide you with formal advice, but  you may call us and we shall do our best to give you good guidance. You acknowledge that we shall not be liable to you for such guidance, under any circumstances.

It is your responsibility to make sure that your Sums Insured are adequate. Your Wines and Spirits Sums Insured should be an accurate reflection of the basis of settlement offered by the policy. You will hold us harmless for all decisions you make in this regard.

Payment of premium is due immediately and must be paid before cover starts or renews. If you have not paid the renewal premium by the renewal date, your policy will no longer be in force and you will not be able to make any claims under it.

If you find out later that you already have Insurance in place (by mistake) for the risks that you are now proposing, at our discretion, we shall refund half of the applicable premium. There are three provisos. First, the other Insurance must be for a similar (but not identical) form and extent of cover, second, we shall only make this refund if the other Insurers agree to do the same and third, you may only claim for and during the existing period of Insurance.

Premium returns may not be made if you have had a claim before cancelling.

For your protection, we will hold premiums and claims monies received [if applicable] in accordance with Financial Conduct Authority rules in either a statutory or non-statutory account. No interest thereon earned by us in respect of each transaction shall be returned to you unless such amount exceeds £20.

We levy an Administration Fee which is included in the premium. Any change in this level will be advised to you, prior to purchase of the insurance or its renewal.

We or insurers may levy a fee for Financial Conduct Authority charges and FSCS levy. This will be advised to you prior to purchase of the insurance or its renewal.

New rules mean that if you feel that the policy you have bought or its renewal is inappropriate for your needs, you may have a “cooling off” period of 14 days from the start of the policy period. Providing this “cooling off” period applies to you, there have not been any losses during the 14 day period and you return all certificates and other documentation to us, we shall return your premium paid less an amount that is in proportion to the extent of the service already provided to you no later than 30 days from the date on which we receive your notice of cancellation. By exercising your right to cancel, you withdraw from the contract of Insurance as of the date of your notice. This right to cancel does not apply to policies where the activity or event being insured is of less than one month’s duration. Your notice should be sent in writing to Connoisseur Underwriting to the address below.

In all other cases, we shall be entitled to retain or recover our annual fee or other reward in full if you “double insure” or if cancellation of the policy is allowed partway through the first period of Insurance. Please note that some policies are not cancellable by you as of right either within or after the “cooling off” period.

All personal information about you shall be treated as private and confidential [even when you are no longer a customer], except where the disclosure is made at your request, with your consent, in relation to administering your insurance or where the law requires it. As part of the Financial Conduct Authority’s duties, we may be asked to provide them with access to our customer records in order that they may carry out a review of our activities. Some or all of the information you supply to us will be held on computers or file servers and may be passed to other insurance companies for underwriting and claims purposes.

Bonded Wines and/or Spirits Insurance - Key Facts


This document provides key information about your bonded Wines and/or Spirits in store Insurance. It does not contain the full terms, exclusions and conditions. If you have any questions or concerns about this insurance in the first instance, please contact Connoisseur Underwriting, South House, South Street, Dorking, RH4 2JZ through whom this insurance was arranged.


The policy insures against loss or damage to your Wines and/or Spirits whilst in storage only at a LCB Warehouse specified by you during the period of insurance.


XL Catlin Insurance Company UK Limited is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority (Firm Reference No. 204848).


This insurance contract period of cover is offered as a monthly contract and insurance will have ended within a period of one (1) month from the start date of the period of Insurance and will continue for as long as you continue to pay your monthly premiums.


  • Your Wines and/or Spirits are insured, in excess of the deductible of GBP250 for ‘All Risks’ of physical loss and damage whilst within the LCB Warehouse you have declared, provided you have paid the premium for the period in which you have sustained any loss.
  • Any Wines and/or Spirits consigned to you can also be covered.
  • We will also cover any Excise Duty, V.A.T. or any other taxes or duties that H.M.R.C. may impose on you after a loss, provided your sum insured is sufficient.


  • If we and you are not able to agree any question of valuation, the dispute will be referred to an independent third party expert in the relevant field. If we and you cannot agree on an expert, then we and you must each propose a name and then we and you will be bound by the mid-point between the valuations given by the two (2) experts. It is agreed that there will be no appeal from this valuation.
  • You may not make multiple applications via the website for your Wines and/or Spirits at the same bonded warehouse.
  • You must ensure that the Wines and/or Spirits are securely and adequately packed in storage so as to withstand the normal hazards associated with storage. If you fail to comply, we will have the option to decline any claim.
  • You and any person acting on your behalf must take steps to protect the Wines and/or Spirits against physical loss or physical damage and to keep it in good condition and repair. If you do not, we may not have to pay any related claim.
  • For Wines and/or Spirits consigned by you or to you for safekeeping, we expect that you have accepted responsibility within the terms and conditions of this policy. Wines and/or Spirits must not be further consigned without your prior authorisation or that of the owner of the Wines and/or Spirits.

We will not pay for physical loss and/or damage to or from:

  • any loss or shortage discovered while taking an inventory;
  • Wines and/or Spirits unless entered in your records;
  • any Wines and/or spirits outside the location(s) specified in the schedule;
  • your or another party’s insolvency, scheme of arrangement or similar arrangement;
  • substitution or mysterious disappearance or unexplained loss;
  • bankruptcy or any book-keeping failure of any wine storage facility;
  • aridity, humidity, exposure to light or extremes of temperature unless such physical loss or physical damage is caused by storm, frost or fire;
  • Wines and/or Spirits which are obtained by any person using any form of payment that proves to be counterfeit, false, fraudulent, invalid, uncollectible or irrecoverable;
  • theft unless resulting from threatened or actual forcible or violent entry to or exit from the insured location;
  • from theft, fraud or dishonesty committed by you;
  • restoring, retouching, or any similar process or any reduction in value of any Wines and/or Spirits following restoration;
  • the escape of water from inside tanks, apparatus or pipes unless the temperature of the water inside the building(s) is maintained to at least 5 degrees Celsius or such equipment is drained and shut off at the mains supply to the building(s)
  • natural ageing, gradual deterioration, rust or oxidisation, warping or shrinkage, moth, vermin or mould; cork fly damage; adulteration (impure and / or unsafe Wines and/or Spirits); deleterious (hazardous), contaminated materials; taint; leakage / evaporation; discolouration; rising damp and rot.

We will also not pay for any:

  • fees and expenses incurred by you in the preparation of a claim;
  • fines or penalties, punitive or exemplary damages of whatsoever nature;
  • loss of value of Wines and/or Spirits as a result of loss of or damage to labels;
  • indirect loss of any kind, being any additional claim, physical loss, physical damage, cost, expense or other financial liability occurring as a result of but after any insured event;

Please refer to your policy wording (Pages 10, 11, 12 & 13) for the full list of the exclusions.


  • Statutory Cancellation Rights – Cooling-Off Period
    There are no statutory cancellation rights under this policy, as all periods of cover will have ended within a period of one (1) month from the start date of the period of insurance and will continue for as long as you continue to pay your monthly premiums.
  • Your Right to Cancel
    You are entitled to cancel this policy by notifying us though the Customer Care section of this website or by email or telephone. Our contact details can be found below. There will be no refund of the monthly premium.
    Please don't cancel the subscription payment at your bank or card provider without first informing us of your intent.
  • Our Right to Cancel
    We are entitled to cancel this policy, if there is a valid reason to do so, including for example:
  • any failure by you to pay the premium; or
  • a change in risk occurring which means we can no longer provide you with insurance cover; or
  • non-cooperation or failure to supply any information or documentation we request, such as details following an accident;

by giving you seven (7) days’ notice in writing. Any return of premium due to you will be calculated at a proportional rate unless you have made a claim in which case the full premium is due.


If you need to make a claim please contact: Connoisseur Underwriting through whom this insurance was arranged. The contact details are as follows:-.

Connoisseur Underwriting
South House, South Street, Dorking, Surrey RH4 2JZ
Tel: +44 (0)1306 740 555
Fax: +44 (0)1306 740 770


If you have any questions or concerns about this insurance or the handling of a claim, please contact Connoisseur Underwriting of South House, South Street, Dorking RH4 2JZ.
Telephone 01306 734 106 and speak to John Wakefield
(contact your insurance advisor named in the schedule through whom this insurance was arranged.)

If you wish to make a complaint, you can also do so at any time by referring the matter to the:

Complaints Manager
XL Catlin Services SE, UK Branch, 20 Gracechurch Street, London EC3V 0BG
Tel: +44 (0)20 7743 8487

If you remain dissatisfied after XL Catlin Services SE have considered their complaint, it may be possible in certain circumstances to refer the complaint to Lloyd’s. Details of Lloyd’s complaints procedures are set out in a leaflet “Your Complaint – How We Can Help” available at and are also available from XL Catlin Services SE at the above address or from Lloyd’s at:

Lloyd’s Complaints Department
Lloyd’s, Fidentia House, Walter Burke Way, Chatham ME4 4RN
Tel: +44 (0)20 7327 5693 Fax: +44 (0)20 7327 5225


The Financial Ombudsman Service
South Quay Plaza, 183 Marsh Wall, London E14 9SR
Tel: +44 (0)845 080 1800

From within the United Kingdom
Tel: 0800 0234 567 (free for people phoning from a “fixed line”, for example, a landline at home)
Tel: 0300 1239 123 (free for mobile-phone users who pay a monthly charge for calls to numbers starting 01 or 02)
From outside the United Kingdom
Telephone Number: +44 (0) 20 7964 1000
Fax: +44 (0) 20 7964 1001

The Financial Ombudsman Service can look into most complaints from consumers and small businesses. For more information contact them on the above number or address,
or view their website:

The European Commission also provides an on-line dispute resolution (ODR) platform that allows consumers to submit their complaint through a central site, which will forward the complaint to the right Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) scheme. The ADR scheme for Catlin Underwriting Agencies Limited is the Financial Ombudsman Service, which can be contacted directly using the contact details above.
For more information about the ODR visit the European Online Dispute Resolution website.


Catlin Underwriting Agencies Limited are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. You may be entitled to compensation from the Scheme if we are unable to meet our obligations under this contract of insurance. If you were entitled to compensation under the Scheme, the level and extent of the compensation would depend on the nature of this contract of insurance. Further Information about the Scheme is available from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (10th Floor, Beaufort House, 15 St. Botolph Street, London EC3A 7QU) and on their website:


Catlin Underwriting Agencies Limited is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority (Firm Reference No. 204848).
Further details can be found on the Financial Services Register.

Document Downloads

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