Frequently asked questions

Below is a list of common questions you may wish to ask about the Wine2insure policy.

If you have any questions that are not in the list below, please use our contact form so we may answer your query.

How is the premium collected?
Payments will be collected monthly from the elected debit or credit card via Futurepay (Worldpay) subscription 
Do you accept other forms of payment?
No, we only accept payment by either credit or debit cards via Futurepay (Worldpay) subscription
Can I cancel the insurance at any time and will there be any penalty?
Yes, you may cancel the policy at any time and no further payments will be taken. It may take up to 2 working days for us to action your request, please allow for weekends and Bank Holidays when you inform us of your cancellation. Go to the Customer Care section and request a cancellation
Can I adjust the level of insurance cover I have?
Yes, you can change this at any time, go to the Customer Care section of this website and request the amendment. You may increase or decrease your level of cover.
Can I insure wine in more than one bonded warehouse?
Yes, but we are only able to insure wine at one facility at a time, currently cover is limited to certain bonded warehouses. Each policy requires a separate subscription with Futurepay (Worldpay)
What is the minimum monthly payment?
The minimum monthly subscription is GBP 3.67, this covers wine up to the value of GBP 20,000
If I make a claim how much is the excess on the policy?
The policy excess is the first GBP250.00 of every claim
How do I make a claim?
To make an insurance claim, go to the Customer Care section of this website to complete the claims form, we require all claims to be in writing
Can I use this policy to insure wine that is not in a bonded storage facility
No, the insurance is specific for wines and/or spirits stored in a bonded warehouse facility available from our dropdown list. However, we do offer other insurance products - please contact us for details or see other policies page